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    • 07 Jul 2022
    • 14:00 - 16:00

    This is an educational event provided by the Pennsylvania Long-Term Care Learning Network and is not sponsored by PANAC. All registration information is located in the event as well as in the email that is being sent out. The PA LTC Learning network is a collaboration of the PA Office of Long-Term Living and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation in order to improve care of older Pennsylvanians.

    On behalf of the Pennsylvania Long-Term Care Learning Network, the Jewish Healthcare Foundation invites you to join the next

    Nursing Facility Webinar: July 7, 2022

    A Problem-Solving Approach to Recognizing Expressions of Behavior in Residents Living with Dementia

    This is the first webinar of Quarter 3, 2022. This quarter’s educational theme is enhancing skills to assess and manage key conditions in long-term care. During this webinar, attendees will learn to recognize dementia behaviors as potentially preventable nonverbal communications or expressions of unmet needs.

    CLICK HERE to register for this webinar scheduled for Thursday, July 7th at 2:00 pm

    When registering for the event, you must fill out the registration information by clicking "Register " on the left side of your screen as shown below.

    You will need your National Provider Identifier (NPI) to register
    (if you do not have one or do not know it, please enter 0 on the registration form)

    Once you have registered successfully, you will receive an e-mail from messenger@webex.com with instructions on how to join the event.

    The Learning Network is part of the Department of Human Services' Quality Strategy for Nursing Facilities, offered as a collaboration of the Community HealthChoices Managed Care Organizations.


    Visit the Tomorrow’s HealthCare Community at www.tomorrowshealthcare.org
    If you need a log-in and password please e-mail: PALTCNetwork@tomorrowshealthcare.org

    If you would like to add colleagues or be removed from this Learning & Support Network distribution list, please e-mail Stacie at bonenberger@jhf.org 

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