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This blog is for discussions on educations you have attended and what the "scuttlebutt" is out there regarding the process changes for the MDS 3.0

  • 17 Mar 2020 10:44 | Anonymous member

    any news regarding the new government updates - skilled service being retroed back to 3-1-20 if a resident meeting a daily skilled service - how we are setting ARDs etc?


  • 01 Mar 2019 14:33 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Following are two questions and the response received re: physician orders.  These are provided for your reference:

    1. Do you count Ophthalmologist visit or Optometrist visits?
    2. If a podiatrist writes in his exams progress note, follow-up in 2-3 months, can this be counted as an order?


    Since "Orders and Visits" items are no longer CMS required, and are now “State only”, the interpretation of order and visits would be entirely up to each individual States' RAI coordinator. 

    The text below is the position of the PA State RAI Coordinator-

    Only examinations by the practitioners specified in the coding instructions may be considered; and only orders written by those specified practitioners for new or altered treatment may be considered.

    An instruction for when to schedule the next appointment (F/U 2-3 months for example)) is not new or altered treatment.

    A consultation order to another physician in the future would also have to be for new or altered treatment, for example a consultation to start dialysis, before it could be considered.

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  • CMI

    02 Sep 2018 11:26 | Anonymous
    Does anyone have spreadsheets for tracking CMI?  I am especially looking for tools to bring along to clinical and to provide for nurses on the floor in an effort to effectively capture the acuity of residents in our care, as well as a spreadsheet that I can keep in excel format to update and change.  My email is or if you can help.

    Thank you

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